Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept

I am currently a digital marketing student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. For my digital marketing course, we are learning how to optimize a website so it becomes ranked on Google’s results pages. In other words, we are learning how to apply the Dearborn search and visibility concept.

Learning how to optimize a website when keywords are searched, and increasing your website’s visibility is not an easy task to do. The University of Michigan-Dearborn provides the opportunity for students to not only learn how to do these tasks, but how to apply them. Please check out the rest of my blog to see my other posts about the Dearborn search and visibility concept in addition to other posts about digital marketing programs in Michigan!

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Dearborn Search and Visibility Concept Project

The College of Business at the University of Michigan is one of few schools in the United States that offers students the opportunity to major in digital marketing. The Digital Marketing program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn provides students with a course that teaches them how to use search optimization to expand the visibility of their website they create.  This course is known as Digital Consumer Search and Marketing.

Through this course, students learn about search engine design, keyword research, onsite search engine optimization, and offsite search engine optimization. Students are able to gain hands on experience by implementing these topics into their semester project of creating a website, optimizing the website, and analyzing the effects of their optimization techniques.

Although this course provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain hands on experience in the digital marketing field, it is important for them to take the initiative of staying familiar with the latest digital marketing trends. These trends are constantly changing with the advances of technology and media usage.

There are many resources that are available to not only students, but to anyone who has the desire to gain experience with digital marketing. A couple of these resources include:

These resources provide information about existing domains and some information on how they used search engine optimization to increase the visibility of their domains.